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  Circus Maximus - A marriage between MUSIC, ART AND SPOKEN WORD

It has been said that life imitates art, for CIRCUS MAXIMUS art comes to life by infusing music, art and poetry; artistically blending into a certifiably unique and visual experience. Circus Maximus has given new life to the defining relationship between Music and the Arts. Taking World jazz and funk, intertwining it with art, mixing in the spoken word is how Circus Maximus will depict the cultural experience of the selected theme. This extraordinary recipe completes their mission, with a common thread between three different mediums as it is experienced through the colors, the sounds, and its message within.

Circus Maximus walks over pre-conceived notions of what art is and transforms it into a surreal presentation, evolving through a full-blown artistic experience that speaks to the audience through the language of expression. Rhythm, words, and movement are all a part of this collaboration that inspire and attract all age groups.

Creator and founding member, Max Abrams, who at 25 has already been a bandleader for over a decade explains, “For many years I have been resolved to find a way to bring the instrumental music that I love and make it accessible to a modern audience. I came up with a concept to combine a number of artistic mediums so it could be an event…more than just a band. It’s a circus, a spectacle, a performance entity intended to give the audience inspiration to create and delight in all three components of our show.”

Three cups inspire this spontaneous millennium three-ring circus on stage. In these cups are little pieces of paper, one cup has the name of member of the Maximus Orchestra responsible for starting the next piece, the next contains a musical style and the last cup contains a name of a poet that has to perform with the band.

“An audience member picks one piece of paper from each cup. We have to perform what ever they pick, and from there the magic, we like to call Circus Maximus, is born. That is the beauty of the show. We have no idea what we are going to be playing. The show is structured but random-- insuring a unique experience every time,” says Abrams.

During each show a piece of art is created by an artist who paints to the sounds of The Maxmius Orchestra, consisting of guitar, bass, violin, percussion, saxophone and drums. This piece of art is named by the audience at the end of the show and is inspired through the hit-or-miss selections from the three cups.

Pino Squillace, producer and percussionist for Circus Maximus and owner of Think Music, describes Circus Maximus as a “fascinating way to connect Art and Music.”

“In 2002, the late Marvin Posey painted to the performance of the Yellow Jackets, a legendary jazz band during the Franklin, TN Jazz Festival. When I saw that performance I was a bit skeptical about combing the two mediums. What Max and I have done with Circus Maximus has energized this concept of blending Music and Art. By adding an improvisational spirit to the show with the cups and audience participation, we have brought forth Circus Maximus into a new realm, not only combining music and art, but adding in the spoken word,” says Squillace.

Soaring on versatility, Circus Maximus has evolved music and art creating an experience that leaves the audience inspired, entertained, stimulated and yearning for more.