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For over 170 years, the Rio Grande, or "Great River," has acted as an

international border and seen its share of conflict… much like the Texas group, Rio Grand. Strengthened by their bond of overcoming the naysayer’s throughout the years, they tenaciously push their live shows past the limit.

Rio Grand, consisting of, lead vocals-acoustic guitar-electric guitar-banjo-dobro-lap steel Danny Rivera, backing/lead vocals-acoustic guitar-harmonica Lance Leslie, backing vocals-bassist Tommy Rennick, and Lead guitar-backing vocals Fred Stallcup have worked hard to make their dreams a reality and it has made them closer friends and even better musicians.

“It can be hard to overcome other’s doubt, but the sweat and tears we’ve put into practicing our craft to prove them all wrong was worth it,” Stallcup says. “One thing is for sure, as a group, we’ve never had any doubts of what we were capable of accomplishing.”

Forging ahead, Rio Grand has taken their combined musical influences

including, Tom Petty, The Beatles, The Eagles, Willie Nelson, Def Leopard, Merle Haggard, Elvis, Restless Heart and Alabama and created a dynamic sound to set them apart that is guitar driven with thick harmonies. The musical result is a super charged, honky tonkin’, country rockin’, fire breathin’ sound with a super charged live show to match.

Even without a fiddle in this Texas band, their undeniable passion for music and love of the road connects with fans nationwide. “Our live show sets us a part. We don’t hold anything back,” Rivera says. “When we walk out on stage, our music kicks you in the teeth, makes you bleed and you end up liking the way it taste.”

In fact, it was their live show that made an impression on music executives and landed Rio Grand a label contract with Curb/Asylum Records. There was no denying this group put the “grand” in Rio. With their contemporary and poignant lyrics, rich harmonies that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up; Rio Grand puts the pedal to the metal and pushes your average vocal group fast-forward with amazing storytelling, great stage antics and undeniable vocal strength.

As an unquestionable beneficiary of the country music landscape, fans of the genre should stand poised for massive entertainment coming to a radio station in their city as Curb/Asylum Records gets ready to release Rio Grand’s next single, “That’s My Memory,” a heart-wrenching, passion filled song about a guy with a broken- heart.

“It’s a sad song in a good way. Filled with strong harmonies and sung with a lot of passion. We’ve all been in this place before from time to time.” Rivera says. “The best part is how I get to sing parts in Spanish, showing a side of my heritage. That was fun.”

The result captures the band’s heartfelt passion combined with a unique

cultural spin as they vocally unite with songs that combine compelling,

true-to-life stories. “I want each of our songs to connect to everyone and

every emotion possible,” says Rivera. “Our music and our performances are all about a personal connection, not only through our music but through the energy we bring to the stage each and every time. We want everyone to leave entertained—including us.”